DEKKOO Winners 2020

The Meeting. 2020. Directed by Mariano Rodriquez.

Our latest short film The Meeting is now streaming on DEKKOO.COM, an American streaming service that produces queer cinema.

In April 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, DEKKOO launched a short film competition challenging filmmakers from around the world to submit a 5 minute short film on the theme of “Love and Distance”.

The story, written by Blade, follows the story of a queer couple on a socially-distanced date. Dream-like sequences depict a sprawling green garden space in Berlin. The two young (frustrated) lovers eye each other up from across the grass. It’s hot and heavy. The film was direct and shot by Nano.

The film was planned, shot and edited in just 5 days. It paid off too. The Meeting was awarded one of the 4 available cash prizes and is now streaming at DEKKOO.COM.

For this project we had the pleasure of working with a small team of committed friends: Argentinian editor and DOP Tebbe Schöningh (he/him), American sound designer Pussy Ranz (they/them) and American filmmaker Ender Waters (he/him) for the steamy voice-over. The two lead roles were played by Brazilian actors Rodriga Cavalheiro (they/them) and Kaue Serra (he/him).