The Line

The Line. 2021. Directed by Blade Fonteyn.

The Line is a psychological horror film written by Blade in 2018.

The plot follows Alex, our protagonist, as she falls down the rabbit hole. It’s a story of obsession, image, voyeurism and exhibitionism in a digital age. It’s sexy and it’s a bit of a mindfuck. It’s anti-capitalist (obvs). We have some amazing footage that we are now piecing together.

The casting was held in November 2019, and from it we found local actor Nicola Rabea (she/her). Originating from south Germany, Nicola moved to Berlin in 2019 to attend acting school. Nicola was cast in the lead role of Alex. Opposite her, in the role of Instagram starlet Georgie Fontayne, we cast the Estonian actress Astra Irene Susi (she/her) who was also fairly new to Berlin. Nicola and Astra’s electricity both on and off set was a joy to be around.

This was the first time OVERLOOK had pulled a crew together, and we managed to put together a predominantly queer, international team in a matter of weeks. Keep your eyes open for our release dates in 2021.

Director Blade Fonteyn (they/them)
AD Elisa Daniel (she/her)
Producer Ines Serrano (she/her)
Producer and DOP Mariano Rodriquez Ingold (he/him)
Editing and Sound Vanessa Heeger (she/her)
Sound Design Pussy Ranz (they/them)
AC Phillip Papazoglou (he/him)
Gaffer Ender Waters (he/him)
BTS and Camera Assist Paula Jaume (she/her)
Art Direction Nimisha Ebbers (she/her)
Art Assistant Lorenzo Belucci (he/him)
MUA Sarah Fox (she/her)
Runner David Smart (he/him)

Photo shot by Paula Jaume (2019).